The AVI-BEAKER is the only automatic debeaker on the market capable of debeaking both young chicks and adult birds, insuring uniform debeaking and perfect cauterization in one operation. It is manufactured from stainless steel with a reinforced box and components that have been dimensioned to guarantee a minimum of maintenance and a maximum lifetime. With the automatic system, the beak is both cut and cauterized in one process. Properly done, the beak shouldn’t grow back during the life of the bird.


Special Features

  • 50% faster than manual systems
  • Reinforced stainless steel case
    • Resistant to corrosive conditions
    • Easily transported between houses
  • Direct drive motor with precision cam
    • Debeaks both chicks and adult birds
  • Powerful cooling fan
    • Prolongs life of components
    • Minimizes operator exposure to fumes
  • Blade temperature precisely controlled
    • Solid state temperature control
    • Less stress and decreased mortality
    • Chicks back eating faster
  • Allen head-cap screws secure blade
    • System developed by Wings
    • Facilitates blade change
    • Eliminates stripped threads on studs
  • Foot pedal allows operator to concentrate on bird
  • Uses all common blades
  • 120 or 230 voltage, 50-60 Hz
  • Virtually maintenance-free


Catalog Number Input Voltage 50-60 HA-z Operations/hour Approximate weight
600000-120 120 900 to 1200 8kg
 600000  230  900 to 1200  8kg

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