The Avi-Spray administers an ocular vaccination that is easy to apply and provides greater protection than vaccine added to drinking water. A uniform spray distributed over chick boxes vaccinates day-old-chicks without causing stress. In addition to being absorbed by the birds via the ocular cavity, drops settle on the chick down and attract the attention of the other birds that peck and ingest the droplets, thereby, increasing protection.

The large drops produced by the Avi-Spray simulate the most secure method for vaccinating against coccidioses, Newcastle and bronchitis, that is, individual eye drops. They also avoid the problem of birds inhaling vaccine, a common occurrence when the spray is too fine and which can result in adverse reactions

A manual Avi-Spray with spray nozzles and an acrylic cabinet (total dosage 7 or 14 ml)

A manual Avi-Spray with spray nozzles and a stainless steel cabinet and an acrylic top (total dosage 7 or 14 ml). This breakdown model is very robust and easily transported.

The Avi-Spray vaccinator is 100% pneumatic and made for easy cleaning and sanitation. The stainless steel structure is easily sanitized and avoids problems with rusting. The transparent acrylic spray chamber allows the vaccination process to be observed and reveals any dirt or chick down that might accumulate in the system. A second cabinet model with stainless steel siding and an acrylic top is very robust and knocks down (KD) to reduce shipping costs.
The Avi-Spray is manufactured with four pulverizing nozzles and is calibrated for total dosages between 7 and 25 ml, as specified by the client. A band spray model is also available.

There are two options in operating systems, manual and automatic. In the first option, the chick box is manually introduced into the acrylic spray chamber, with the box activating the spray nozzles. After vaccination, the box is manually removed from the chamber. With the automatic Avi-Spray, the operator simply places the chick box on the conveyor line and removes the box after it has completed the vaccination and the chick box has passed exited the other side of the cabinet. During the process, the box automatically stops below the pulverizing nozzles and the vaccine is sprayed in a full cone formation to guarantee uniform distribution of vaccine.

Band spray with pneumatic transport

Acrylic chamber, spray nozzles and pneumatic transport

Acrylic chamber, spray nozzles and conveyor belt

KD Stainless steel and acrylic chamber, spray nozzles and pneumatic transport

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