The Electronic DustControl uses the product as a filter, maintaining the dust together with the product during unloading in receiving pits with hydraulic dump platforms. Installed below the grade, the system is composed of modules with louvers that are opened and closed by pneumatic cylinders controlled by a PLC and electronic sensors.  At the beginning of the unloading, the louvers are closed in order to create a mound of product above the grade.  The sensors detect the presence of product and activate the PLC to open some of the louvers below the mound. The air being expulsed as the product falls into the pit is forced to pass through the mound and is filtered in the process, the dust being retained with the product.


1- When a transport vehicle is in position above the pit, the module louvers are closed until unloading begins.


2- As product begins to fall over the grate, the sensors in the modules detect the presence of product and activate the PLC timer. After a few seconds, a mound of product has been formed over the grate.  The timer sends a signal to open only the louvers of those modules with mounds of product above them.


3- The louvers open and product falls into the pit without restringing the velocity of the unloading.  When a sensor loses contact with product, it sends a signal the PLC to close the louvers of that module.


4- At the end of the unloading, when all the sensors lose contact with product, the PLC opens all the louvers simultaneously to allow any residual product to flow into the pit, cleaning the pit surface.


5- All the louvers are then closed automatically to prepare for the next unloading.

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