The Mechanical DustControl is an ingenious solution for environmental pollution caused when bulk products are unloaded into receiving pits. It is much more efficient and faster than choke loading (adjusting the exist speed of the grain leaving the pit) and is used in pits without hydraulic dump platforms.  The Mechanical DustControl modules installed under the grate have chutes 20 to 30” deep through which the grain passes.  Louvers on the chutes are keep closed with counter weights until a mound of the product forms above the pit grate and the weight of the product forces the louvers open.  The product passes through the chutes, enters the pit and displaces air that is dust-laden.  The only exit for the air being forced out of the pit is through the product in the chutes that filters the air, depositing the dust with the product.  The system is so simple that it doesn`t need operators or maintenance.  There is no noise and it doesn`t occupy space above the pit.  The DustControl offers an extraordinary cost benefit ratio.

The Mechanical DustControl dispenses with the need for filters with high HP motors.

  • No energy consumption
  • No maintenance
  • No labor
  • No noise
  • No space occupied above the grate

How the Mechanical DustControl works

Dust is expelled from receiving pits as bulk product falls into the pit, displacing dust-laden air.  The air is released into the environment at a velocity too high for normal filtering systems to filter effectively.

The Mechanical DustControl is a system of modules installed under the grate and covering the entire receiving pit area. These modules have chutes that channel the unloaded product into the pit.  The ends of the chutes have louvers with counter weights.  When the unloading process begins, the louvers are keep closed until mounds of product have formed above the grate. When the weight of the product in the chutes forces the louvers open, the product enters the pit and the displaced dust-laden air must pass through the product, which serves as a filter.  The dust is retained with the product.

The Mechanical DustControl is completely automatic, with no operator interface, and it doesn`t reduce the speed of unloading.  Each DustControl is engineered for the specific receiving pit so there is no need to modify the pit.  The modules are installed below the grate and installation normally takes 3 to 5 days.


The Mechanical DustControl

Counter weights control the opening and closing of the louvers

1. Before unloading, louvers are closed, and no air is being expulsed.

2. During unloading, louvers are open and clean air is expulsed through the product.

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