The DustControl PLUS adds a low HP filter to the Mechanical or Electronic DustControl to eliminate all dust generated above the grate during the unloading process.  The modules retain the dust being expulsed from the receiving pit and the filter captures the small amount of dust that separates from the product as it falls from the vehicle.

The DustControl PLUS uses the principle of suppression, capturing the dust at its point of generation and impeding its dispersion into the atmosphere.  The DustControl modules are installed under the pit grate, impeding dust in the pit from escaping into the atmosphere.  Both the Mechanical and the Electronic DustControl are highly efficient at maintaining this dust with the product, and in most installations these systems are sufficient to meet the most demanding environmental and health regulations.  The only dust not contained by the DustControl modules is the dust that separates from the product as it falls from the vehicle to the pit.  Generally, this is a very small percentage of the total dust.

When there is a requirement to contain 100% of the dust, both that falling into the pit and that being expelled from the pit, filters can be installed to draw the air above the pit into the hopper.  With the filter, the dust generated above the grate is captured at its point of generation, as it falls from the vehicle.  This dust captured by the filters can be reintroduced into the pit or separated from the product.  The “shrink”, dust lost during handling, can represent 0.02% of the total weight.  In large quantities of product, maintaining the “shrink” with the product represents a large savings.  Wings does not sell the filters but will provide specifications for filters added to our systems.

How the PLUS system operates:

Added to the DustControl modules, the small HP filter which is installed on or next to the pit with its tubing below the grate, draws air into the pit at a volume superior to the volume of product entering the pit, as regulated by the DustControl modules.  As the volume of air being suctioned into the pit is greater than the volume of product entering the pit, a negative pressure is created above the pit and the dust accompanies the product into the pit.

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